Feels Better

by Yellow Paint

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billycosmo some of the songs made me happy some of the songs made me sad but either way i felt something and it was pretty dang cool. good indie vibes right here. fantastic production, stellar vocals, and quirky songwriting. Favorite track: Mirrors.
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Our debut EP. These five songs were some of the first songs we wrote together as a band. We hope you enjoy them, "fam".


released November 26, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jordan Wagel
Megan McClanahan - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Backups
Bailey Carter - Literally the same thing as Megan. :).
Chris Richmond - Drums and moral support



all rights reserved


Yellow Paint Livonia, Michigan

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Track Name: Dryer Sheets
Can't even concentrate
My heads not in the right place
Don't know if it makes sense
Call it incompetence, but

My minds been wandering lately,
I'm losing control.
Baby, I wonder how I let you get so close.
You've got a hold on me.

I'm not sure how I feel
But you've made it pretty clear
And honey, that's just fine,
But was it a waste of time?
Tell me, cause,

Sometimes I find myself
Thinking of you
Am I crazy? But then again, baby
Oh, when I see you, love,
I don't feel a thing, it's all

And I think to myself, man, what the hell?
Honestly, I wish it had ended well.
Oh baby

I haven't heard you speak
In like eight months at least,
It's funny. Cause I thought
I needed you by my side
But it looks like I'm alright

Yeah, we made promises that
We never kept,
We were young
So what?
It's time I let you go
Cause, baby, I've moved on

And I think to myself, oh, what the hell?
Lately I've been doing so well.

And I think to myself man, what a waste.
There's no point in playing this stupid game.
Say what you want, baby, maybe I'm to blame,
I guess it's better that we went our separate ways.
Track Name: Quiet
I guess I should
Have known better

I guess I should have known you
You could do better

I waited for you so long
Kept your name on the back of my tongue

(You) were stuck in my throat
I felt my self choke

On the lies in your teeth,
You couldn't breathe

You couldn't speak to me.
It was what I needed.

Now all I have... All I have...
Is silence and my time.

I'll tell everyone I'm fine.
Everything will be alright.

Just don't remind me.
Because I can't think

Of when I watched you walking out the door.
Did you believe there was something more.

You were the one that I adored.
Was there something more?

Now all I have... all I have...
Is silence and my time.

Think about all the things I did right.
Is there something I missed that night?
You seemed so busy just holding me tight.

I wanted answers, but I was denied.
Cold quiet, what gave you the right?
Because of you, it's still on my mind.

Now all I have... All I have...
I want it back.
I want it back.
Break the silence and take my time.
Track Name: Slow Days
I have never seen anything so beautiful
Don't you agree
Spectacular glass people
Let down their walls,
set themselves free

I sat on the floor of my friend's house,
As we lost track of time
People i love surround me
But somehow I'm still not fine.

Because my world came crashing down,
When my world turned into winter

Now snow falls through my window,
Where there once was summer rain.
I remember the days moved so slow,
And in my bed, you'd remain.

But alas you did not care
And I was glass too broken to be there
For you
And I was sharp
And my friends were all alarmed
You broke my heart
You left me all in shards
Track Name: Retroactive Interference
Your body is static, I can't get enough.
It courses through my veins and my hair is sticking up.
You're mind is a world like the days of old,
Streets with horses and carriages, that I'll never know.

Your heart is a valley of vast open land.
I look for a place where I can lay in the sand.
Your touch is a drug, comes the tidal wave,
Destroys my lungs.
Like that cold spring rain,
But I'll eat it up.
Because I like the pain.

Your love is the morning I can't forget,
You closed the door and your love fled,
With the Wind.
But I was in love.
I was in love.
Track Name: Mirrors
It's different now without her here,
No man-made hill I used to know,
Her every word moved through the years,
Now I know I'm

Laundromats and two doors cars,
Plastic dolls and empty halls,
I saw her on the hospital bed,
Now I know I'm